Distributed Antenna Systems & Wireless Signals

Spectrum Capital Assets LLC based in Orland Park, Illinois is part of the Capital Solutions Group of companies. It specializes in improving wireless signals for cellular carriers through the deployment of in-building distributed antenna systems throughout the United States. Spectrum Capital’s systems allow the major wireless carriers to enjoy an enhanced ubiquitous wireless signal in high traffic areas.

The Problem

sample-sidebar-imageToo often, wireless signals can be excellent in one area of a building, but poor just a few feet away. Our wireless improvement technology allows the carrier to project a stronger signal into any building, improving cellular reception throughout the building and improving customer satisfaction and retention. Clear, efficient cell phone signaling allows everyone to enjoy a much better communication experience, improving the customer experience for all carriers on the iDAS.

Our Markets

Spectrum Capital Assets LLC is a Nevada corporation operating throughout the United States with our primary markets in Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Manhattan, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In late 2014, Spectrum Capital plans to begin deploying distributed antenna systems internationally.

Potential Customers

sample-girl-phoneThere are two different types of customers we serve. The first is the cellular service providers, such as Verizon™, AT&T™, T-Mobile™, and Sprint™. The carriers on the iDAS will pay an access fee to use the antenna system and, will thereby increase the overall efficiency of their network.

Our other customers are those individuals or businesses who are interested in investing in our antenna systems. Investors can participate in these exciting technological improvements by providing debt or equity capital toward the financing of one or more of these systems. We are looking for minimum commitments of $1.0 million, and are targeting annual returns over a 5 to 10 year period that exceeds 20% on the capital deployed. Spectrum Capital has established key strategic partner relationships with leaders in the wireless information industry. Through these relationships, Spectrum Capital believes that its iDAS not only will be designed to the highest standards today, but will continue to be best in class technologically into the future.